Texas Road Trip March 2022

A recent trip across the Atlantic took us on a road trip through Texas, with plenty of classics to see along the way. Interesting to note that car prices have increased over 25% since out last visit two years ago.The trip started in Dallas, going south to Waco, Fredricksburg, Gonzales and finally down to Galveston on the Gulf of Mexico before flying back from Houston.

First stop was Grapevine, a historical city  by Dallas Fortworth airport known for its restored 19th & 20th Century buildings, and authentic bars. A branch of “Gateway Classics” is also located here, the largest classic and exotic car sales company in the world . One of the Original Corvette Indianapolis 500 pace car on sale , no where near in the pristine condition of my version which has only 880 miles on it .

After Grapevine next stop was Waco in the heart of Texas, with a big cultural & historic district . The above picture of the jeep was taken at the Magnolia market in downtown Waco.The Gulf station was a beautifully restored gas station which began life in 1929.

Trying to find a halfway stop point between Fredrickburg and Houston we stumbled across the historic town of Gonzales where the war for the independence of Texas began . An amazingly preserved historic town. Would love to have put life back into the old Impala we spotted downtown. 

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